DJ & Producer based in Luxembourg.

Recently signed artist with the London based SOM Records Ltd for my 2020 Progressive House track "Mavka" (song review) I have embarked on my musical voyage of artistic discovery as a youngster, growing up listening to a variety of musicians and genres that have played an influential role in shaping my signature sound.

He have a DJ background back in the 90s at the beginning of private radio stations. Born in Brussels (Belgium), my musical roots are New Beat, Techno and Trance. With time, curiosity and from living in different places such as South Africa, Gibraltar as well as the South of Spain, I have extended my musical interest to a wider list of genres. I have also been mixing for several bars and small clubs everywhere life took me.

    Projects I am nowadays involved with and residencies:

    I joined an association in 🇱🇺Luxembourg,, trying to promote local DJs and organising parties with DJ sets that are video recorded and promoted on social media.

    Monthly residency in 🇬🇧UK with a live DJ session at every first Tuesday of the month at 11pm UK time.
    If you cannot join me at that time or for those on different timezones, there is a replay on all remaining Tuesdays (11pm UK time) & Saturdays (3pm UK time) of the month !

    Monthly residency in 🇱🇺Luxembourg with a live DJ session at radio ARA every first Saturday night of the month at midnight CET.
    In Luxembourg, you can tune in to 102.9 or 105.2 FM. Worldwide, you can head up to
    This is my official page at radio ARA from which you can replay all my shows at any time 😎

    Monthly residency in 🇧🇪Belgium with a live DJ session at Xbeat Radio every last Thursday of the month at 8pm CET. 

    My DJ sets are made of:
    Deep House ∞ Organic House ∞ Melodic House ∞ Progressive House
    But you could find some B-side of me (Downtempo to Techno)

    Everything about Undefined Music is here!

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