My music style can be best described as a blend of melodic, always captivating, dance floor beats. I strive to curate a unique and recognisable sound that resonates with listeners and keeps them grooving on the dance floor.

I carefully select tracks that embody this vibes, taking listeners on a journey through different emotions and moods. I believe that music has the power to connect people and evoke feelings, and I aim to create a memorable experience for my audience.

My DJ sets are made of:
Organic House ∞ Melodic House & Techno

Last release "Mavka" [SOM Records Ltd] (song review


Everything about Undefined Music is here!
Download Undefined Music press kit in PDF.


Beyond Music 🇱🇺
An association in Luxembourg,, trying to promote local DJs and organising parties with DJ sets that are video recorded and promoted on social media.

Radio ARA 🇱🇺
Monthly residency in Luxembourg with a live DJ session for radio ARA every first Saturday night of the month at midnight CET.
In Luxembourg, you can tune in to 87.8, 102.9 or 105.2 FM.
Worldwide, you can head up to

Xbeat Radio 🇧🇪
Monthly residency in Belgium with a live DJ session for Xbeat Radio every last Thursday of the month at 8pm CET. 
You can listen to my Xbeat session live at

TooHotRadio 🇬🇧
Monthly residency in the UK with a live DJ session for Too Hot Radio every first Tuesday of the month at 11pm UK time.
A Club or Dark edition is scheduled every other Tuesdays of the month, same time!
You can listen to my Too Hot Radio session live directly from page.

RTL Today Radio 🇱🇺
Under Beyond Music umbrella, I had the pleasure to peform one of my DJ sets for RTL Today Luxembourg.

Rohit Bangera 🇺🇸
My friend Rohit Bangera from Washington Dc offered me a DJ guest session made of rework, bootlegs and remixes. You can replay, and even download it for free, from here!

H.A.S.H 🇮🇳
I had the great pleasure of inviting my dear friend H.A.S.H coming all the way from beautiful India for an amazing guest mix filled with melodic waves of love and rays of rhythm and some intense drops to mesmerise your soul!


Width 150cm, Depth 100cm, Height 20cm
MacBook Pro 16"
Akai Professional APC-40 MKII
PreSonus ATOM
Steinberg UR22C


2x Left & Right RCA Plugs


3x 230V Outlets Type E/F